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     Lutheran Women's Missionary League

 The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML), with a membership of over 250,000, is the
official women's organization of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The LWML focuses on
each woman in her relationship with Christ to enable her to be in ministry among the people of
the world.
For over 70 years the organization has been encouraging and equipping women to live out
their Christian
lives in active mission ministries and to financially support global missions.

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LWML Website Adds Pastors-in-Mission Webpage 
The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) announces the addition of a webpage designed specifically for pastors. In support of the 2012 Concordia Seminary and Concordia Theological Seminary graduating students, the LWML launched the Pastors-in-Mission webpage in May. The webpage offers great resources for all pastors with quick-access links. Some of the features of the webpage include:

Pastors can be confident using any of the Bible studies, devotions, and spiritual resource materials produced by the LWML knowing that they have gone through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod doctrinal review process.

GoodSearch contributions to LWML:

Earn money for the Lutheran Women's Missionary League AND search the Internet at the same time using GoodSearch.

Instead of ''Googling'' the next time you use a search engine, go to and type ''LWML'' and select LWML St. Louis in the ''I'm supporting'' box.

Each time a search is initiated, an estimated 1 cent is given to LWML. This sounds like a small amount, but multiple searches by many people add up. For example, if 1,000 women searched twice a day, LWML could potentially receive $7,300 a year.

Much like mites add up to produce significant results, so can GoodSearch generate money for missions. It's even possible to add GoodSearch to your Internet browser's toolbar. Follow directions on the site to install. Tell your friends and happy searching!


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